Stitchery House began as an embroidery business more than 25 years ago. Today we do much more than just embroidering. We also do screen printing, heat transfers, and digital printing. So, no matter how simple or complex your project may be, we can help. Take a tour through our services to explore which process most suits your needs or perhaps just call us on 06 876 8661 to discuss your requirements.


Embroidery On Shirts


Embroidery is the process of sewing a digitised image onto garments. Once we have your logo or design digitised in an embroidery software format, it can be loaded into our computerised embroidery machines for sewing. Each product that comes off one of our machines is individually checked for compliance with our quality standards. Our goal is to ensure that your products are representative of our highest quality service every time.

Embroidery creates a lasting impression of quality and style. Excellent for polos, jackets, caps, knitwear etc., embroidery will normally outlast any garment onto which it is applied. Recent advances in embroidery software mean that design/set up costs can be low, and the new generation of embroidery machines run quickly with any number of colours being applied in a single operation. However large designs can be time consuming to produce, so costs can increase significantly relative to the size.

Embroidery is flexible for quantities, easy to alter e.g adding names below logos or amending colours to work on a variety of coloured garments.
For an embroidery quote you will need a clear image of any file type.

If you simply have a concept drawing, just scan your sketch, drawing or printout and email it across. It’s that easy! Common file types you can email are : JPG, PDF, TIFF and BMP.

Do your best to avoid sending “WORD” files as these don’t come across clear enough for our graphics team to replicate, but hey… if it’s all you have, just send it and we will do our best for you.

Unsure if embroidery is the best process for you? Email your graphics, garment types, positioning and size… we will help you.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing is suitable for larger designs as it is price efficient in most cases.

Stitchery House Embroidery and Screen printing Ltd. employs trained and dedicated screen printers who work alongside our graphics team to tweak your design pre production guaranteeing the best result.

We have both manual and hydraulic carousels to produce your job in the most economical and efficient way, guaranteeing you quality and price. Whether it is a simple single colour job or a complex multi-colour run, our printers can handle any size job from the smallest to the largest.

There are a lot of variables in screen printing, in fact some say that it is more of an art than anything else, and they’re right too. Fabrics, colours and design all play a role in producing a quality screen print, so all these factors need to be assessed prior to starting.

A quality screen print starts with the artwork. Good quality artwork = a good quality print, it’s that simple. So, it’s always a good idea to consult with our team with artwork in hand.

Email your artwork for a quotation today stating quantity, number of colours in the design and the time frame required.

If your design is just made up of lettering and you don’t have artwork, just advise us of the font style you may already have in mind, otherwise the best files to work with are vector files. These are the file formats we require: AI, CDR, EPS or PDF.

If you can not produce any of these files, don’t worry, our graphics team can take your artwork and recreate it in the correct file type. This does however add cost and time to your order. We will always work to help you, however, intricate designs can be costly.

Heat Press

Heat Press

Heat press is the process of cutting vinyl into shapes. This is best suited to spot colour lettering, large numbers on backs of sport uniforms, names on hoodies or T-shirts .

The process allows you to create a custom, personalised one-off creation at minimal cost and in a timely fashion. The print will not be limited to one colour as long as each component is a completely solid colour.

Once your lettering has been cut from our commercial grade textile vinyls, we then adhere the print to the garment by the use of a heat press. As this application is applied by heat it does not suit garments that will be hot washed. This is also a preferred way of printing larger designs onto nylon jackets, drigear T-shirts or polo shirts, bags, hoodies and most jackets.

The preferred file type for heat press is: EPS, AI, CDR of PDF. However we can show you a good selection of font styles that require no artwork from you whatsoever. So, let your creative streak flow and let us take care of your graphics at no extra charge.

Digital Print

Digital Print

Have a photo, graphic or colourful logo that you have been quoted the earth to screen print or embroider? Then digital printing is for you.

Unlimited by size, number of colours, quantity or complicated file type, digital printing is a process where we will take your image or photo and print onto our quality textile vinyl using eco solvent inks, very similar to the way you would print your image from your printer at home, only on a much larger scale.

The only RED FLAG with digital printing is that the quality of your image will equal the quality of your print. So, if it prints out pixilated on your printer at home then it will do the same when we print it for your garment.

When supplying a photo that will require enlarging, be warned that the image may pixilate or become blurry if the original photo is small e.g. from a cellphone. However, we will never print your photo without showing you a proof in the form of a paper printout if we are unhappy with the quality ourselves.

Once printed, your image will then be heat applied onto your garment in the desired position.

Digital printing is ideal for memorial T-shirts or any sort of print job which requires a photo to be printed.

To date, we have applied digital prints to T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, cushion covers, singlets and even full size duvet covers.

The best file types for digital printing are JPG, TIFF, PNG or PDF at a resolution of 300dpi or higher. So, get out your camera out and send us your pic today.

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